A picture speaks a thousand words.. and small kids (toddlers) don’t lie..

No added sucrose, yet nice tasting for my 16mo, who finished his FIRST bottle of 210ml Little Treasure 珍宝悦 in less than 5 minutes (with his Umee Bottle whose ergonomically designed soft latch teat allows an easy flow of liquid, made faster yet colic-free with the advanced 4 holes air vent mechanism). Can see that he really enjoyed the milk early this morning.

As a mother, I personally like the design of the tin, the way the lid is opened and closed, and most of all, the place for the milk scoop on the lid. No need to hunt for the milk scoop buried in the milk powder of a newly opened tin. The milk is tasty too, not sweet, but with a fragrant soy taste. Quality product from Australia.

Now will observe how his stools will be with more milk feeds of this formula milk. Will be back to give more feedback.

Tay MK

Even with an broken elbow, it doesn’t stop her love from milk! As she turns 3, many brands of formula milk stage 3 in the market actually contains artificial sweeteners such as maltodextrin. I am super concerned and it is a big NO-NO in sweetener in her formula because sometimes she is already been given sweet treats or candies. And I’m so glad that Little Treasure Stage 3 fits my criteria in FM. Aricia is so happy and cant wait to start drinking too!

YeeTing Ang‎

Cow!!!! Mooooooooo!!! She love the little cow on this milk milk… Usually she drink 150ml, but today she drink 180ml.. It doesn’t taste that sweet like other brands because its sucrose free which i find it very very important!!!

Von Liaw